Lettres & Covers VO

Lettres & Covers VO

Our mail auction VO N°8 is closed Results ans unsold lots will be available May 10th 2017

POSTAL HISTORY AUCTION #7 - Closing date : January 24th 2019


See lots

See lots

Welcome in our 7th Postal History auction You will find 898 POSTAL HISTORY items including a good representation of civil internees camps, and all our various Spécialities.


Please note there is No Commission Charge on your winning bids

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L&C online auction Key points :

+ Easy to modify your bids before sending.
+ Easy to add new bids as long as the sale is not closed
+ Your won bids are available online after the closing date. If you choose paying online you will receive your lots a few days after the closing date
+ Unsold items are immediately available at starting price.

Questions ? Do not hesitate TO CONTACT US We hope you make interesting findings